MS Systems was established in 2007 and specializes in computerized production of various applications in the area of dental technique. The company’s designation is the operation of advanced computerized dental systems, while strictly following the most professional mechanization and control processes. The company’s services include reconstruction of co cr / silver paladium metal crowns, zirconium crowns, composite crowns, implants restoration as per fixed detacheble example and conventional implants works Titanium milled / co cr sintered.

The company’s values are based on progress and innovation, which include keeping a high level of quality, design and functionality. We believe that laboratories and dental clinics in Israel should stand up to the international standards in the area. Therefore, the company has set a goal to be in the front of the new digital technologies, and to combine diverse materials for computerized production processes in order to improve the final result, from aesthetical and practical point of view, while producing quality crowns in an economical and effective way.

MS Systems is one of the pioneers in the SLM technology in Israel and worldwide. The SLM technology, combined with a 3D scanner, allows to achieve maximal precision in the production of metal crowns, in the shortest time. Thanks to the cooperation between dental technicians and computerization experts, MS Systems is a computerized dental foundation, which provides its services to the leading laboratories and dental clinics in Israel.

MS Systems works in a professional and trustworthy way to promote every project within the appointed schedule. As a rule, the company constantly works on improvement and efficiency of the various production and service processes to achieve perfect results. Thanks to the company’s professionalization, the production costs turn to be worthwhile and more profitable for the various clinics and dental laboratories. Also, MS Systems keeps on giving fast, efficient and professional service, in order to improve the entire working process in front of the company’s clients.

The company’s offices are located in the center of the country, and hire the best professionals in the area of dental technique and computerization. Thanks to the company’s services, the dental technicians in the various laboratories and clinics can turn their efforts to the good of clinic tasks and more professional tasks, without compromising on the crowns’ quality, the precision level and performance speed. The company is obligated to use materials that stand up to the strictest standards, while keeping on high quality and kind, professional service.